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Academic studies indicate that about 50% of all financial advisors have traded options for their clients at some point. The most popular option strategy used by financial advisors is the covered call.

We already did an analysis on the covered call, so please refer to that article for more information on that strategy.

Here at SJ Advisor, we train financial advisors who want to become successful options trading advisors. Although very popular, the covered call is not an options strategy that we would recommend for advisors. The covered call exposes clients to great downside risk and reduces profits over time when markets are bullish.

Financial advisors would be better off holding long stock than using covered calls in most cases.

If you want to become a sophisticated options trading advisor, then we can help you. We’ve been developing low-risk options strategies and options trading software for over a decade now. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on strategies that are hedged against market debacles, ones that can profit over time but are not exposed to giving back these profits when volatility increases.

Managing money for a large number of clients is an amazing opportunity and a tremendous responsibility too. Options are very complex instruments with Greeks and higher order Greeks. SJ Advisor can teach you how to manage Vega, Vomma, Vanna, Lambda, Charm just to name a few. Mastering these Greeks is crucial to your success. If you are interested in learning to capture the benefits of options and want to avoid making the common mistakes 99% of all traders make, then please contact us for a free demo. We are here to help you succeed and realize your goals as a financial advisor.


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