Quantitative Research & Analysis, Options Strategies Backtesting & Design, Training

Personal & Staff Training

SJ Advisor provides personal mentoring or training for your staff. Learn the nuances of being a true risk manager, mastering higher order Greeks for dynamic hedging, which is crucial for volatile markets. Learn to protect client assets while maintaining an edge on today's challenging markets.

Proven Trading Systems

We provide our clients with trading systems that have been backtested and forward tested for many years. Our core trading system concentrates on high probability combined with minimum risk exposure, especially during bearish markets.

Quantitative Research

Often times fund managers come to us with questions about their own option strategies. We can review them, backtest them, stress-test them and provide clients with empirical data they need to improve them. Additionally, we continue to perform innovative quantitative research for our clients.


Empirical Data - Analyze - Design - Perform

Simplicity is the key. We’ll show you a simple method and a user-friendly trading platform to execute a tested trading system. We help our clients put it together.

Cash Settled Indices

Highly liquid, tax benefits, remove dividend and assignment risk.

High Probability

Our core method has over a 95% win rate for the last 3 years with no large losses.

Controlled Risk

Risk exposure reduced by design. Protect your client's accounts.

Favorable Risk to Reward

Risk and Reward is about the same. No small winners followed by large losses.

Win To Loss Ratio

Back-test and forward-test results are about 4:1.


Higher order Greek implementation for dynamic hedging.


Success in 4 Steps


First, we research our client's current
options strategies and create empirical data for them.



Next, we analyze the empirical data to create a plan to improve the trading system, or we provide a trading system to our client, which we have already developed.



We develop strategies
through automated backtesting
solutions, creating a rule-based
system for clients to execute.



We provide our clients with mentoring and technical support for a full 12 months included in the membership fee.


We'll design, develop and test option strategies for you – ones that take advantage of safety, probabilities, higher order Greeks and protect your clients' assets.

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