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Core Trading Method (99% Win Rate Over 3-Year Forward Paper Test)

Our core trading method is thoroughly back-tested, forward-tested and tested live.  We produced 123 consecutive winners over a nearly 3-year period (2014 – 2016) before experiencing a small loss of only 1.3% during our forward test.  Our tests profited $150K before losing $900 on a trade.

This core trading system has experienced a 99% win rate since we’ve been testing it on paper accounts.  We do have clients using our system on real accounts as well.  A video testimonial was made, and that can be heard by clicking here.

How This Is Possible

After many years of experimenting with various types of options strategies, we finally settled on a trading method that focused on low-risk exposure.  Markets whip-saw and at times free-fall, as during the flash crash of 2010.  For those reasons, we were forced to eliminate many trading strategies from our tool box.   Most of the popular trading methods were removed such as: iron condors, bull put vertical credit spreads, short strangles, put ratios, covered calls and naked puts.

From there, we continued to research using empirical data.  We combined the use of statistical price moves with higher order Greek implementation to create a solid strategy.  After designing the system and back-testing it, we began forward-testing to make sure the system formula was not curved to the historical data.  Surprisingly, the system performed very similar in the forward test as it back-tested.  We actually produced a higher win rate of 99%, but the average return was slightly lower.  That was because we began to focus even more on the win rate and tweaked the formula just slightly over time.


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