Personal & Staff Training

Why Mentoring

Options trading is very complex, difficult, and it takes many years to grasp.  Most traders give up long before they learn to trade safely.  SJ Advisor training reduces years of studying and research into just a few weeks to months, depending on where the client is when they begin.

Start On The Right Path

Our mentoring puts clients on the right path from the beginning, when there are too many directions to chose from, most of which lead to substantial loss of time and capital.

Group Classes or Private

We conduct group classes online for our clients.  Classes are recorded and video access is part of the membership.  Private mentoring is also available for an additional charge.

On Site Seminars

Have a group of 3 or more that need mentoring?  We can arrange our SJ Advisor team to conduct group mentoring at your location.  Please contact us for details.


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