From Our Clients at SJ Options

Well Thought Out Methods

SJ Advisor's method of option trading, well thought out and secure with well defined rules, take most if not all the emotions out of the way. If any left, their outstanding tools (statistical back-tester, timeline, trade assistant, to name a few) will take care of them.

Philip , Option Trader

It’s Great to Be Trading Stress Free

For the first time in years I am excited to finally have a strategy that I really believe in. I have spent countless hours and attempts over the years to trade options, and I've finally found a course and mentorship that I will be with from now on. It's so great to be trading stress free.

Mark , Option Trader

I Truly Consider You a Genius

This is my first time contacting you. I’ve been a student now for 4 months and thoroughly enjoy it. I have learned so much I cannot express it in words that do it justice. I truly consider you a genius and feel it was divine providence that led me to you.

Jeff , Option Trader

No One Else Has Anything Close to What You Have

In such a short time since I joined, I’m truly impressed with all that your educations offers. No one else has anything close to what you have. I only wish I had discovered you sooner. It would have saved me much time and $$$.

James , Option Trader

I Mowed My Lawn Even Though The Market Was Tanking

As I have said before, your program is what I have been looking for (for many years). I am also greatly enjoying each and every class. PS: Final, final comment: even though the market was tanking, I went out and mowed my yard (coming back to check in every half hour or so). I kept thinking to myself, "I am glad that I am doing strategies that protect me from days like this". It was a good feeling, thanks!

Duane , 25-Year Veteran Trader

The Best Mentoring

SJ Advisor provides the best options mentoring education that I’ve experienced to date, and I can easily recommend your services.

Dave , University Professor

You Are Affecting Lives and Families

I want to let you know I believe in your teachings, and I deeply appreciate the effort and hard work you place into your business and your mentoring. I have been involved in many courses in the past, but I can say you got the real thing and it shows. Be proud and stay encouraged in what you are doing. You are affecting lives and families, and that is a great gift.

Brian , 25-Year Veteran Trader

Up $16,000 on $3,000 Margin

The December 16th trade looks good, margin is only $7K and up $488, incredibly effective use of margin. I ran the same December trade in August, and the trade is up $16,000 on $3K margin.

Le , University Professor

I Have Never Seen Such a Fully Hedged System with Potential to Earn So Much

I have to say, I have never seen such a fully hedged system with potential to earn so much, even in non-margin accounts… and the low drawdown (what drawdown?). I am very happy to stumble into your company as a Forex trader. Now I can focus on strategic trades instead of day trading and staying up all night for the European session! Plus, I can focus more time on my information technology and my family.

Lenny , Option and Forex Trader

Heads and Shoulders above The Rest

Hi Morris, I feel honored to communicate directly with you. Congratulations on adapting a scientific approach to options analysis, and my personal thanks for your own superb teaching methods. Your firm stands heads and shoulders above any I have seen in teaching skills in this field.

Joseph , Option Trader

I’ve Been Trading Options For 20 Years

I have been trading options on and off for the last twenty years. I have spent a lot of money taking courses to learn to trade options profitably and have only consistently lost money. Most of the courses out there are taught by theoretical people, not traders. You are the real deal. Thank you for teaching these low-risk strategies that actually work and consistently make money. Your course is worth every dollar.

Charles , 20-Year Veteran Trader


The above comments were written by our clients at SJ Options.

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